The Beastgrip DOF (Depth Of Field or 35mm) adapter allows you to use certain* SLR lenses with your smartphone to achieve a shallow depth of field effect and manual focus control.

Please note: Using a DOF adapter is not simply "point and shoot" capable; it takes time and practice to achieve the desired results. DOF adapters are a great way to express your artistic nature, allowing you to create unique photographs and videos with your camera phone.

Beastgrip DOF adapter has Canon EF mount, other SLR lenses can be used with the proper adapter rings. Adapter rings are not included. For best results, we recommend to use fast lenses (f0.9-f2.8).

DOF adapter will decrease the quality of photos and videos taken with it. There may be visible texture, dimples and/or specks of the focusing screen on the image. Vignetting, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration are common issues with any DOF adapter. The DOF adapter flips the image upside-down

Package Content - DOF adapter (includes 52mm 10x macro lens) x 1 - Close Up Filter (+10) x 1 - 37mm Spacer Ring x 1 - Micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth x 1 - Dust blower x 1 - Lens Wrench x 1


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Pro Dof Adapter
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