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This fast telephoto lens delivers excellent correction of all color aberration. Thanks to a large aperture and pleasing bokeh, it is the perfect lens for portrait photography from a medium distance.

The angular field is 18.7 degrees. The short minimum object distance of 0.80 meters makes this lens even more versatile.

It has an optical design with 11 lens elements in eight groups and, like the ZEISS Milvus 2.8/18, a filter diameter of 77 millimeters.

The new ZEISS Milvus lenses also allow the user to create high-quality film shoots with a pleasing cinematic bokeh.

Due to their extremely high contrast rendition, the lenses fulfill the most modern video standards of 6K and higher, and have uniform color characteristics.

All ZEISS Milvus lenses have a focus ring with a very large rotation angle to enable precise focusing, and are made of comfortable rubber to ensure a good grip while focusing.

The De-Click function on lenses with a ZF.2 mount, lets cinematographers set the aperture in a soft and infinitely variable way so they can work professionally in changing lighting conditions.

The ZEISS Milvus lenses robust full-metal barrel ensures long and reliable usage. In addition, the lenses are protected against dust and spray water.

The robust metal lens shade is an integral part of the overall product design and included with all ZEISS Milvus lenses.

The ZEISS Milvus family (except 100mm Macro) are also compatible with the ZEISS Lens Gears, providing filmmakers with additional value-add


Photo / Video
Fokusavimo tipas
Rankinis fokusavimas
Minimali diafragma
Filtro dydis (Circular) (mm)
77 mm
Fiksuotas židinio nuotolis (mm)
135 mm
Vaizdo stabilizatorius
Maksimali diafragma
Objektyvo/Fotoaparato jungtis
Canon EF, Nikon F
Objektyvo formatas
Pilno kadro
Mažiausias fokusavimo atstumas (cm)
80 cm
Diafragmos lapeliai
Skersmuo (mm)
90 mm
Maks. Didinimas (x)
1:4 x
Ilgis (mm)
115 mm, 114 mm
2 year(s)
Svoris (g)
1123 g, 1059 g


Canon EF (ZE)
EAN 4047865401449
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Nikon F (ZF.2)
EAN 4047865401432
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