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Panasonic LX100 II Black

Premium compact camera with large Multi-Aspect sensor, high quality Leica-Summilux zoom lens and dials for manual control. All packed in a rugged metal housing.

The Panasonic LX100 II is a compact camera crafted for the real connoisseurs.

Like its highly esteemed predecessor, the LX100, it sports a large 4/3-type Multi-Aspect sensor which maintains the same diagonal angle-of-view at 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9 formats. But the resolution has been increased to 17 megapixels (12.8 MP in the LX100) and the camera has several improved features, such as touch screen, Bluetooth, USB charging and two new monochrome photo settings plus a grain effect.

Leica lens
The high quality zoom lens, Leica DC Vario-Summilux 24-75mm (full-frame equivalent), has a maximum aperture of f/1.7-2.8 and produces sharp images at all settings, even in dim lighting conditions thanks to its optical stabilization system.

The rugged camera body has a metal exterior and features classic manual control dials around the lens and on the top plate. A hot shoe makes it possible to use an accessory flash. On the rear you will find both a 3-inch touch LCD screen and a high resolution electronic viewfinder (2 760k-dot equivalent) that facilitates photography in strong sunlight or whenever you feel like using the camera the discreet way. A great feature for street photography!

High speed shooter
The Panasonic LX100 II is a truly fast compact camera, with an autofocus system that uses Panasonics DFD technology (Depth from Defocus) to quickly and accurately achieve focus even on moving subjects.

The continuous drive can reach a maximum of 11 fps (at AF-S setting), up to 33 RAW images in a single take. A huge improvement compared to the predecessor that only lasted for 9 images using RAW format. If you want to shoot movies, enjoy the 4K capability of the LX100 II or settle with Full-HD. Either way, the movie quality is astonishing!

Made for creative photography
The LX100 II is packed with features. How about 4k Photo mode, in-camera RAW development or time-lapse. It also adds advanced focus functions like Post Focus, Focus Stacking and Focus Bracket.

And if you like to photograph in black and white, the camera offers two new special modes; L. Monochrome and L. Monochrome D with different gradation and contrast, plus a grain effect to give your pictures a real analog look!

Easy image transfer
When you feel like you want to share your masterpieces with the world you can use the built in Wi-Fi which is assisted by Bluetooth to achieve a low energy consumption while keeping the camera constantly connected to your smartphone. You can also use your phone as a remote control of the LX100 II.

When the battery level is starting to get low, you can choose to charge it using either AC power or the camera’s USB port. Bring a power bank with you and go anywhere without having to worry about running out of battery!

List of improved features

  • 17 megapixel 4/3-type Multi-Aspect sensor (total resolution 21.7 MP)
  • 11 fps continuous shooting (with AF-S), up to 33 images in RAW
  • 3 inch LCD monitor with 1 240 000 dot resolution and touch control
  • Wireless connection with both WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Both AC and USB charging of battery
  • Loads of advanced features, such as Post Focus, Focus Stacking, Focus Bracket, 4K Photo
  • Creative filters including two new monochrome settings and grain effect


Fokusavimo tipas
Automatinis fokusavimas
Vaizdo jutiklio dydis
Vaizdo jutiklio tipas
Atminties kortelės tipas
Židinio nuotolio ekvivalentas (mm)
24-75 mm
Vaizdo stabilizatorius
Articulated Screen
Built-In Flash
Touch Screen
Filmavimo raiška
Full HD, 4K
External Flash Connection
Hot Shoe
Wi-Fi, USB Krovimas, Lietimui jautrus ekranas, Post Focus, Focus Stacking, Integruotas stereo mikrofonas, Bluetooth, 4K Foto
200 - 25600
Fotografavimo raiška (MP)
17 MP
Continuous Drive
Optical Zoom
3,1 x
Focal Length (mm)
10.9-34 mm
Maximum Aperture
Ekrano dydis (inch)
3 "
2 year(s)
Matmenys (GXPxA) (mm)
115 x 66 x 64 mm
Svoris (g)
392 g


LX100 II Black
EAN 5025232885015
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