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Kowa Spottingscope TSN-884 Fluorite

The pure fluorite crystal used in this model is the optimum optical material for reducing chromatic aberration, providing the ultimate viewing experience.

The extraordinary light gathering capability supports observation during dusk and during dawn.

TSN-883 are waterproof to JIS protection class 7 and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.

Dual focus mechanism (Quick and fine focusing) The well established Kowa focus system has progressed to a new dual focus system. The quick focus, with a large and easy to turn knob, will focus from infinity to five meters in two revolutions.

The fine focus, with smooth movements and pinpoint accuracy, is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping systems.

An eyepiece locking mechanism has been added to the mount to prevent the eyepiece from getting lost or falling out unexpectedly.


10 year(s)


Spottingscope TSN-884 Fluorite
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