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Only the best materials and the highest quality glass were good enough for lenses that were designed, at every stage, with one single thought in mind: to offer the highest possible performance. Achieving the simple goal of offering you something that is truly perfect.
The best lenses in the world.

The Otus lenses are especially designed for modern SLR cameras with high-resolution sensors. They offer the uncompromising quality of medium format systems -- for an affordable price.

The highest precision and build quality

  • Highly precise mechanical build quality and a large rotation angle for exact work
  • Robust all-metal construction
  • Grippy focus ring for the finest of manual focus adjustments

For professional demands

  • Elaborate optical corrections make for substantially less time spent in image processing and in post-production
  • Innovative product design for the best usability and the highest aesthetic standards

The highest image contrast -- take a closer look.
When shooting at night with large variations in brightness, chromatic aberrations become particularly
visible. Thanks to the excellent correction of lateral chromatic aberrations the bright facade of the
building is rendered perfectly.
No chromatic aberrations -- the moment of truth.
Light sources that are either in front of or behind the area in focus are a particular challenge
for every lens. With the ZEISS Otus lenses the longitudinal color fringes are so faint that practically no
chromatic aberrations are visible.
Medium format performance -- a previously unknown richness in detail.
Thanks to their exceptional sharpness, the Otus lenses make the most of high-resolution sensors and reward you with an impressive level of detail in your images. Down to the last pixel.

The best short tele lens in the world.
An absolute highlight for those who appreciate the finer details -- in a lens that also offers you all the creative freedoms you could possibly desire. Look forward to sublime performance in almost every possible photographic situation.


Photo / Video
Fokusavimo tipas
Rankinis fokusavimas
Filtro dydis (Circular) (mm)
86 mm
Fiksuotas židinio nuotolis (mm)
85 mm
Vaizdo stabilizatorius
Maksimali diafragma
Objektyvo/Fotoaparato jungtis
Canon EF, Nikon F
Objektyvo formatas
Pilno kadro
Mažiausias fokusavimo atstumas (cm)
80 cm
Diafragmos lapeliai
2 year(s)
Svoris (g)
1200 g, 1140 g
Minimali diafragma
Maks. Didinimas (x)
1:7,7 x
Skersmuo (mm)
101 mm
Ilgis (mm)
124 mm, 122 mm


Canon EF (ZE)
EAN 4047865400916
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Nikon F (ZF.2)
EAN 4047865400923
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