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For ultimate stability, nothing but a tripod will do. However, there are times when a tripod is not practical or allowed. A monopod offers excellent stability when working with long telephoto lenses and makes a difference in low-light situations. Monopods are easy to carry, can be setup instantly and are ideal when you are working in tight spaces.

You've seen sports photographers on the sidelines with huge lenses-they are given small spaces to shoot from and often need to quickly move from place to place. Using a tripod is not an option under these conditions. Only a monopod will do the job!

SIRUI P Series monopods have 6 sections that extend to 154 cm (60.6 in.) when fully opened, yet, are only 38 cm (15 in.) when closed - small enough to fit in a backpack or photo bag. All models come with a wrist strap and useful compass. At only 0.5 kg (1.1 lb), there's no excuse for being without a SIRUI monopod.



Galvutės tvirtinimo tipas
3/8", 1/4"
Kojos fiksavimo tipas
Twist Lock
Kojų sekcijų skaičius
Trikojo kojų savybės
Su smaigaliais, Guminės
Kojos skersmuo (mm)
32 mm
6 year(s)
Minimalus aukštis (mm)
395 mm
Kam skirta
Kelionėms, Mirrorless, DSLR, CSC
Matmenys (sudėto) (mm)
395 mm
Maksimalus aukštis (mm)
1560 mm
Anglies pluoštas, Aliuminis
Svoris (g)
400 g, 500 g
Maks. Apkrova (kg)
10 kg, 8 kg


Monopod P-326
EAN 6952060000312
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Monopod P-306
EAN 6952060000305
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