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Lenspen Outdoor Pro Kit White


  • Lenspen -- Used for All Lenses; Digital, DSLR and Video Cameras.  Binoculars, Aperture Spotting Scopes, Telescopes, other high-quality optical Items.      
  • MiniPro -- Smaller version of the Original Lenspen; Perfect for cleaning the GoPro and other Action Cameras
  • FogKlear -- Dry, Anti-Fog Cloth.  Good for 200+ applications, used to remove and repel fog. 
  • MicroKlear Cloth -- Used to clean the body of the photo equipment, housings of all electronic devices, glass displays, surfaces and much more.  Not recommended for high-quality optical lenses.\


This Kit is perfect for photographers who are always on the go, experience weather climate changes often and carry different size lenses with them when shooting.


Valiklio tipas
Rašiklis, Servetėlės
Servetėlės dydis (cm)
10x10, 21x26 cm
2 year(s)


Outdoor Pro Kit White
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