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Ricoh/Pentax Ricoh Theta V

With 360° video in 4K resolution and sound recording in 3D, the new Ricoh Theta V literally adds a new dimension to your videos. Now you can capture everything that goes on around you down to the tiniest detail - and this with a camera small enough to fit in your shirt pocket!

Experience your surroundings anew
With its discreet format and easy handling, this advanced 360° camera has many fields of application. Travel agencies and real estate agents can use Ricoh Theta V to present houses and hotels to clients. Project and site managers can document the state of a construction work, even in really narrow places. A journalist can use the camera instead of a dictaphone, and later recreate an interview even more vivid. Time to go to a fair? Stroll the fair site with Theta V and get a new chance later to study the various stands and showcases in the comfort of your office!

Share your recorded 4K videos or stream directly
With Ricoh Theta V a milestone has been reached in Ricoh's development of 360 degree cameras. This is the company's first model to use the Android operating system, which opens up an array of interesting possibilities. For instance, users can now install apps and thereby get access to new functions.

With a significantly more powerful processor, Theta V can record movies with twice the resolution compared to earlier versions, and thanks to 19 GB built-in memory there is also room for both videos and images. More specifically 40 minutes of 4K video or 130 minutes in full HD. Alternatively 4800 spherical panorama images with a resolution of 14.4 megapixels.

If you want to record and share your experience directly, Ricoh Theta V also offers the possibility for Live Streaming - even in 4K resolution!

3D omnidirectional sound reproduces overwhelming realism
Equally important is that the camera also records sound in 360 degrees, that is omnidirectional, reproducing overwhelming realism. Theta V is equipped with a built-in 4-channel microphone, and also has an input for the Ricoh TA-1 accessory microphone, delivering 3D sound of even higher quality.

Built-in wireless connection makes it easy to share your recorded material. The Wi-Fi transfer is 2.5x faster than with the predecessor Theta S. Power-saving Bluetooth technique also means that the camera can be constantly connected to a smartphone without draining the battery of power. Ricoh Theta V now also supports the technique Miracast, which means that you can quickly and easily show images and videos on a TV without the use of cables.

Important features

  • Small and light, fits in a shirt pocket
  • Captures videos and images in 360° spherical format
  • 4K video at 30 frames/s
  • 360° sound recording via built-in microphone with 4 channels
  • 360° Live Streaming in both 4K and full HD
  • 19 GB built-in storage space
  • Wireless connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • With support for Miracast it is easy to send images and videos wirelessly to a TV
  • Android operative system - opens up for new functions via apps
  • Underwater housing and 3D microphone available as extra accessories


Ricoh Theta V
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