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Review of Gomatic Peter McKinnon Camera Pack - Travel

Nuotrauka: Jan Tichy

The Czech photographer and Sony ambassador Jan Tichy have tested the Gomatic Peter McKinnon Camera Pack - Travel

Professional photographer, lecturer, Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador based in Prague, Czech Republic. Jan is mainly a wedding photographer, but in his work we can find people, everyday moments or architecture. He is enchanted by the character of old vintage lenses that he adapts and uses with digital cameras. Every year he lectures dozens of photographic workshops and tries to find beauty in the most common things. Jan owns and runs the Sony Gang CZ Group, with about 6.000 active photographers. It is the place for Sony users to discuss their experience with Sony products and also ask for help and advice.


When I started taking pictures, I could not believe how many backpacks I would need one day. And no wonder. Everyone is suitable for different things. One is big, the other is small, one is waterproof, the other is comfortable to wear and I could go on and on. Today we will talk about the Gomatic backpack, which in a clever way combines a lot of features into one piece of luggage.

The Gomatic brand uses the name Nomatic outside Europe, and the company has been manufacturing bags and backpacks for some time. This is their first photo backpack and the well-known youtuber and creator Peter McKinnon took part in its development. The backpack is well thought out down to the last detail. It can be used for almost any occasion, but it is when traveling that one appreciates its unique features the most.

What do I like about this Gomatic backpack?

  • Top quality workmanship and materials. (similar to picture 8)
    The opening is over the back, for faster access there is another entrance to the main compartment from the side. (picture 2) The backpack can also expand.
  • It has a comfortable padded waist belt, that can be easily removed in cases we dont need it. (picture 4)
    Adjustable chest strap that could be placed in different positions or taken off. (picture 5)
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. (photo 6)
    A grip handle on each side of the backpack for easy handling. Neoprene-coated on the top for a comfortable grip. (picture 7)
  • The upper part of the backpack is made of rubberized material, which is waterproof and easy to clean. If you place the backpack on a slippery surface, this material will not slip. (picture 8)
    Waterproof zippers, sliders can be locked with a small lock. (picture 7)
  • The rear part is reinforced with aluminium plates. Side pocket for water bottle or tripod. (picture 9)
  • The front pocket for small items is covered with protective RFID fibers, which can block incoming wireless communications and thus prevent unwanted reading of sensitive data from your credit or bank cards. (picture 10)
  • Reinforced padded pocket for up to 16-inch laptop. (picture 11)
    The backpack’s interior space enables many different ways and combinations to pack. (picture 12)
  • High-quality dividing partitions that can be bent in various ways and used both in height and width. (picture 13) Transparent mesh zip pockets and tablet pocket on the inside of the backpack. (14)

How did this Gomatic backpack win me over?

In the front part of the backpack there is an additional storage space, which can easily be expanded by another 7 litres by opening another zipper. This solution is ideal for transporting clothes. Everything can be easily separated from the photographic gear in the main compartment. It is a very practical solution, and you do not have to carry extra luggage for shorter trips or journeys. (picture 15)

A separate insert that fits exactly in the upper part of the interior space can be purchased. It is made of solid material and can additionally protect the equipment. But its biggest benefit is under its other zipper. When it opens, the lining turns into a very handy little backpack. It is a great solution for travelling. Imagine that you arrive at the hotel, and want to go for a walk with your camera, but you do not want to carry your large backpack full of everything with you. It can even be used as a waist bag with the separable waist belt. (picture 16)

How much will fit in a backpack?

Thanks to the adaptable interior, there are lots of possibilities for storing equipment. Even larger pieces of your kit such as drones, gimbals, or other accessories. You can divide the backpack into different parts by compartment separators as needed. When it comes to photo equipment only, two mirrorless full-frame cameras and 7 larger lenses, including a 100-400mm telephoto lens with tripod mount, fit comfortably in the lower part. In addition, it was no problem to add another body and three other lenses to the insert in the top part. However, the backpack is not very deep, so I would recommend storing the camera’s battery grip separately for smoother transport. (picture 17)

On the other hand, I appreciate this relatively flat and wide shape of the backpack, which often fits in an overhead storage space, for example in a bus or other means of transport. I never liked when someone forced me to put a backpack with photo equipment in the cargo area or on the roof of the bus, because the backpack was too thick and did not fit over my head. This created unnecessary stress at each stop.

I have used the Peter McKinnon Camera Pack in many situations in recent months. It is very comfortable to carry and easy to handle. Thanks to the robust quality, I have a good feeling that my photo equipment is well protected during transport. The only thing I want to point out is that the material of the backpack attracts dirt when working in the field and thanks to the black colour, everything is visible. On the other hand, everything is easy to clean. Rubberized material is also more prone to abrasion, as are some lacquered elements. But none of this affects the function of the backpack. The main waterproof zipper is quite tight and does not open smoothly, but I hope it would improve with more frequent use.

Using the backpack has been a great pleasure so far. Both when it comes to the beautiful design and functionality, but also because I can combine two pieces of luggage into one during my short photographic expeditions.

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