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Kowa 20X80 BL8H with Coin Insert

Kowa Sightseeing scope BL8H + Coin Unit 20x80 Landscope

Designed for terrestrial observations at nice locations. The Kowa Landscope 20x80 offers a high quality wide angle lens and a sturdy fixation on a pillar that can both tilt and rotate. The entire system is fully waterproof and ready built. The metal body has to make sure it can withstand long term exposure to the elements.

The landscope binoculars are activated by an electronic coin operated system. Before we send the Kowa Landscope, you can determine which coins you want to accept, the height of the stand (1.6 m or 1.35 m) and the duration of the viewing time.

By using high quality optical elements in the Landscope, the observer will be surprised with the clear and bright image of these high-end binoculars. The large objective lenses of 80mm combined with a 20x magnification provide a remarkable high level of light transmission.

Optical performance
* Wide angle image, for a comfortable image
* 80mm objective, excellent incidence of light
* Porro prisms, rich depth of field, 3-dimensional images

Durable construction
* The robust casing and mount are waterproof and are resistant against a harsh and unsettled climate
* Rotation 360 &deg
* Height 1.6 m or 1.35 m
* Vertical adaptation; 30 &deg

Coin system
* Battery, 1x DC3V
* Viewing time, 60, 90, 100, 120, 150 sec
* Usable coins, in consultation
* Capacity coin storage, 500 coins

The viewing time, type of coins, Height and warning in English or Dutch and the height of the stand will be set in advance by Kowa, prior to delivery.

•Observation binoculars\

  • Coin unit: Standard


Dioptrijų kompensavimas
Objektyvo diametras (mm)
80 mm
Didinimas (x)
20 x
IP Distance
66 mm
Matymo laukas (1000m) (m)
53 m
Matymo laukas (kampas) (°)
3 °
Išėjimo skersmuo Ø (mm)
4 mm
Matymo laukas (realus) (°)
60 °
Twilight Factor
10 year(s)
Matmenys (GXPxA) (mm)
230 x 1680 x 425 mm
Svoris (g)
31000 g


20X80 BL8H with Coin Insert
EAN 4110000113
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