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NiSi V7 review

by our Estonian ambassador Andrei Reinol

Nuotrauka: Andrei Reinol

Andrei is a photographer with a passion for nature photography and capturing the magical moments that appear at times when most of us are sleeping and in places that most of us never visit. His photographs are published in National Geographic and he has received several awards and recognitions such as the GDT, Asferico, Sony WPO and local nature photography awards.


NiSi filter holder for True Color V7 100 mm system has been added to the much-appreciated NiSi V6 Pro holder. With this overview we will compare these two for finding out, which improvements have been done to the new V7. It is very good to see, that NiSi has taken into account the comments and wishes from the photographers and has modified the new filter holder accordingly.

Biggest changes

  • New, faster fixation with one screw.
  • Point to Point CPL design allows easier installation of CPL.
  • New True Color polarization filter.

Below we will take a closer look on these changes.

Filter holder, as also previous models, is made from aviation-grade aluminium and coated with matte black frosted finish which helps to minimize unwanted reflections. Whole construction and build quality feel solid and stylish.

NiSi V7 filter holder can be used with lenses up to 15 mm on full frame cameras. I´m using it with NiSi 15 mm f4 Sunstar lens and image is free from vignetting.

Four adapter rings for most common wide-angle lenses (67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm and 82 mm) are included in V7 kit together with newly developed ultra slim True Color polarization filter, lens cap and soft bag. One just needs to add some neutral density and graduated square filters and for having a perfect set.

V7 can hold up to three 100 mm wide filters (with 2 mm thickness) and NiSi specially designed polarization filter. 100 mm wide and 2 mm thick filters from other producers can also be used. Holder keeps filters very well in desired position. They do not slide down as by some other cheaper solutions.

NiSi filter holder design allows photographers use ND, graduated and circular polarizing filters together which is a perfect combination for landscape photographer.

V6 holder has two separate pins for locking and removing of the polarization filter but on V7 NiSi has joined them into one. Truly a good solution as this saves time and there are less parts which are “sticking out” and may cause unwanted turning of the filter holder. Newly designed filter holder can very easily be mounted onto the lens, rotated and fixated onto the desired position.

NiSi V7 True Color circular polarization filter.

This kit includes ultra-thin 86 mm True Color circular polarization filter (CPL), which is free from the yellow cast, present on most CPL's. Testing shows truly natural colours. For photographing landscapes, it is very important, that colours remain natural and unaltered. Especially with longer exposures.

Previous, "Landscape" polarization filter, which was used with V6 holder was designed to saturate colours. When shooting at sea, the blueish (cyan) tint suited very well. Photographing white snow needed a bit more of correction. With True Color CPL there are no issues anymore.

Polarizing filter must do what it is meant for: reduce reflections. Many polarizing filters are too weak for photographing in natural light. Their influence is limited or sometimes even stripes are visible on photos, when zoomed in. Being a nature photographer, you do not want to see such defects on your photos. True Color CPL is free from such anomalies. Polarizing effect is smooth and clean, the influence from filter clearly visible even on a grey day with limited amount of light. On brighter days the difference becomes even more visible.

Redesigned "Point-to-point" CPL filter fixation system is also new - no need to screw in anymore which eliminates the risk of the filter thread been stuck – a situation which I believe every photographer has been facing with.

New system is very easy to use. Upper adapter ring has three white marks and all you need to do, is place CPL with marks on it so that the marks match, turn the filter ca 1 cm clockwise – and done. For detaching just turn to the other direction and it´s done. Works well also with winter gloves. 

When we remind about NiSi's already well-known CPL turning solution, this set makes handling of filters very handy. This is truly important as often the weather conditions during landscape photographing are demanding and every solution which makes life easier, is highly appreciated.

To sum this up: I really think, that NiSi has introduced the ultimate solution one can wish for landscape photography. With the new V7 True Color filter holder NiSi has shown, that constant development is not only a nice idea but something that can be used also on products which have already become industry standard.

All these changes came from the tight cooperation with photographers and the outcome is a product which is not a marketing upgrade but a redesigned product with received many useful and smart changes. The new locking system allows to act fast when light or locations changes and every second is valuable. Changed CPL locking system saves the on- and off screwing time – another benefit.

New True Color CPL with unique neutrality and even higher polarization level is alone an argument for purchasing the new V7 filter holder.

The whole NiSi V7 True Color 100 mm filter system is definitely a big improvement not only for these who still use filter holders like V5 Pro, any earlier models from NiSi or something from other brands. Products worth upgrading to use appreciated NiSi filters and holders.

As only downside could be mentioned that pouch of the tested kit does not have space for any ND nor GND filters which means, that we need two pouches: one for filter holder and the other for filters.

I'm using following solution. As I have the CPL filter most of the time mounted on the lens, I cover it with the filter cap and fix the filter holder to the back side of the filter pouch. This helps me to save some space in my photo bag.

As mentioned, the CPL of V7 has been completely redesigned so it cannot be used with V6 nor vice versa. So, if you already own a NiSi V6 filter holder, there is a point for consideration, if these updates are worth upgrading.

When someone wants to expand the skills of landscape photography with filters or has deeper interest to the advantages of NiSi filters and new V7 filter holder, you are welcome to join my landscape photography classes.

NiSi V7 True Color filter holder features listed

  • Redesigned rotation lock which includes also release pin.
  • 360-degree rotation and very easy to fix under desired angle.
  • Easy installation of all filters.
  • Precise vertical adjustment of square filters.
  • No vignetting on full frame cameras with up to 15 mm focal length.
  • Very easy installation and removal of CPL.
  • True Color CPL saves natural colours.
  • 82, 77, 72 and 67 mm adapter rings included.
  • Can be used with lenses having 49 mm to 82 mm filter threads.
  • Pouch supplied with the kit.
  • Lens cap for protecting the CPL included.
  • NiSi V7 enables usage of all 2 mm thick and 100 mm wide square filters.

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